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Tips and Tricks!

Like the frosting on a cake...

What tops a cake, cookie,or sundae is what makes it extra delicious. And, with the SaladShooter® electric slicer/shredder, topping your favorite dessert is quick and easy! Surprise your family and friends with great eye appeal, texture, and flavor the next time you serve a fabulous dessert. There are many “ready-to-go” treats you can use as toppings. Just pop them in your SaladShooter slicer/shredder and...

Go a little nuts!

Cake ImageNuts add a great finishing touch to almost any dessert. SaladShooter slicer/shredder makes it so easy you'll want to add the cruch of nuts to everything.

Just toss a handful of nuts into your SaladShooter slicer/shredder with the Shredding Cone in place and shoot away. Shoot into a bowl and spoon nuts over dessert (so you can save the extra nuts for another time). Or shoot right onto the dessert for a fast, delicious treat. Here is a "starter list" of great nutty flavors:

Here's a SaladShooter slicer/shredder trick! For a delightful just-roasted flavor, chop the nuts in the SaladShooter slicer/shredder and then put them in a 250F oven, turning every few minutes. In about five minutes, you'll have toasty, aromatic, chopped nuts to top just about anything.

Colorful and creative candy toppings!

Candy ImageDress it up and everyone will say, “How’d you do that?” The answer is the SaladShooter slicer/shredder. Imagine colorful bits of topping on the frosting of your party cake. It’s easy! Just drop a handful of colorful M&M’s into your SaladShooter slicer/shredder and shoot away.

Experiment with both the slicing and shredding cones. Both work great and each gives a little different look. Here are a few starters for topping desserts and ice cream:

Fresh is best...and costs less!

Fresh Vegetables ImageIt’s always better to chop your own nuts or grate your own cabbage. The flavor is fresher than packaged products. And, if you shop smart, you can even save money! For example, a bag of chopped walnuts can cost up to 30% more per ounce than whole shelled walnuts. The savings are similar with cabbage, lettuce, cheese, and even coconut.

Cheese to please!

Cheese on Soup ImageThe SaladShooter slicer/shredder grates and shreds cheese faster, easier, and better than any other kind of kitchen device, including a food processor. Some cheeses, like Parmesan, are so hard that if you try to grate them in a food processor, they just bounce around on top of the blades. The SaladShooter slicer/shredder shreds Parmesan in seconds. And if you want powdery grated cheese, just run it through the SaladShooter slicer/shredder a second time. It’s quick, easy, and you get the best of both worlds — the highest freshness at the lowest price!

Parmesan, Romano, mozzarella, and cheddar are terrific grated or shredded and the SaladShooter slicer/shredder does it quickly and without mess. It's faster than old fashioned four-sided kitchen graters and much easier on your knuckles!

A trick with soft cheese!

Soft Cheese ImageWith this special SaladShooter slicer/shredder trick you can enjoy soft cheeses in new and different ways. For instance, add the delicate, creamy flavor of shredded Brie to a fresh salad. Yes, Brie! Just place a wedge in the freezer for an hour or two, then pop it into the SaladShooter slicer/shredder. Shoot right onto a fresh salad. By the time you serve the salad, the shreds will be creamy and soft.

Add a cup of bread crumbs!

Bread ImageThose are words that can bring any food preparation session to a dead halt unless you have a Presto SaladShooter electric slicer/shredder at hand. Just pop two or three slices of bread into the SaladShooter slicer/shredder and shred right into your recipe. Presto, it’s done!

Make a crust!

Dessert Crust ImageChopped graham crackers make perfect crusts for homemade pies and other desserts! Use cinnamon or chocolate flavored graham crackers for a richer flavor.